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Bag wearing passengers assault on the seated

Passengers with bags on their shoulder!
Passengers with bags on their shoulder?
Passengers with bags on their shoulder…

I am leaning towards the theory that public transport passengers who hang their bags on their shoulder cut off circulation to the part of their brain that allows them to feel empathy for their co-passengers.

I’m a large person, 186cm tall, wide shouldered and 115kg. I usually struggle to feel comfortable in a bus seat as it is.

I’m tired of passengers, of all ages it seems, who feel it is perfectly normal behaviour to carry a bag over their shoulder on the bus, and either knock every passenger in the head or shoulder as they make their royal way down the red carpet bus aisle that is theirs and theirs alone, or stand on said red carpet and for every bus movement knock the adjacent seated passenger until such time that it can be classified physical assault. Young women with large handbags appear to be the worst offenders, closely followed by dopey school kids whose parents didn’t bother to explain to them that other people in the world deserve consideration and arrogant businessmen who for some reason deserve so much more than he rest of us.

I watched a very elderly passenger this morning quietly suffer the assault by school bag for a good five minutes. Just at the point where I was going to stand and have a quiet word with the ignorant child, he seemed to realise the error of his ways and hauled his bag onto both shoulders, at least relieving the elderly gentleman of his suffering.

Perhaps a rule to assist those who exhibit such behaviour? Bags must be carried in the hands when boarding or alighting or moving through a bus.

I trust you understand.